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Why do certain mammals have seasonal coats, while others (such as humans), do not?


Humans and our nearest ancestors evolved in areas of the world that don’t have particularly pronounced seasons. Animals that have seasonal coats tend to be making a go of it in places where temperatures and weather varies tremendously between summer and winter. At the equator, the average temperature shift between solstices at the equator is pretty much 0 degrees C, while in Alaska, the daily high shifts more than 30 degrees C over the course of the year. By the time humans were headed to more variable climates, we’d developed technologies like clothing that allowed us to survive in both the summer and winter but didn’t require millions of years of evolution to develop.




Video Shows Pittsburgh Cop Punching Teen At Gay Pride In An Apparent Use Of Excessive Force

A video showing a Pittsburgh Police officer using what appears to be excessive force on a 19-year-old Pittsburgh PrideFest attendee, has sparked outrage online after it was shared on Facebook late Sunday afternoon.

According to eyewitness Autumn Huntera, the incident occurred around 5 o’clock Sunday afternoon. Huntera explains that the teen engaged in a heated debate with a group of anti-gay protesters attending the Pride festival: “She was saying that being gay is not a sin and that she was a lesbian and proud of it, and that she wasn’t going to hell for it.”

Huntera detailed her account of the incident for us:

The girl was debating with one of the protesters, and she stepped closer without even realizing it and the officer ran over to her. He grabbed her by the back of her neck, pulled her over, dropped her on the ground, pulled her up by her hair, and said “Do you want me to hit you.” When she didn’t respond, he hit her in stomach area about 4 or 5 times repeatedly. After everyone yelled at him, he hand cuffed her, put her against a wall. She was crying against a wall next to her ‘attacker’ while her fiancee was panicking trying to find someone who recorded it.

Huntera adds that the protester and teen were about a foot apart when the officer grabbed her without prior warning.

Please signal boost, the news stations in the area are NOT giving it much airtime or writing articles about it, so we need to spread the word.

Pittsburgh cops are known for being super corrupt and I won’t be surprised if nothing comes of this and he walks away a free man. DONT LET THAT HAPPEN




humans have also lived without running water, electricity, or vaccines for thousands of years

Humans lived for 200,000 years without having to worry about being overweight because they almost never had enough food for that to happen. We evolved to eat food whenever it is available and put on weight for times of famine. The problem with people in modern societies is that we have an abundance of food but our instincts are still to eat to excess to gain weight in preparation for a famine that never comes.

Well, and it’s also harder for poorer people to obtain healthy options. For example, fresh produce is more expensive while the frozen or canned options are cheaper, or white bread is typically less expensive than whole grain anything… and fast food is always the least expensive and most convenient option of all. It isn’t just that we have an abundance of food, it’s that the cheapest, most easily attainable, and most prominently advertised food is usually not very healthy, even while it is appealing. Typically, empty carbs and junk can be either bought in bulk at a low price, or packaged conveniently for quick consumption, and the unhealthy stuff is usually made to look more appealing in ads. The people who market food know which products are easiest to push, and they’re rarely anything that’s good for us.

All of that aside, I think the message of the original post is mainly about body acceptance. I understand that it is unhealthy to be overweight, but if a person is overweight, then they probably understand that too. In fact they’ve probably talked with their doctor about it before, for the sake of their health. On top of that, they’ve probably had enough people randomly offer them comments on their weight, condescendingly vague and ill-informed health warnings, and mediocre advice all the time… because if they’re currently overweight, they must not be trying, right? I trust people to take care of their own medical needs, but I don’t trust society not to fuck with people’s perception of their own self worth based on their current weight.

You can strive for a goal based on health and wellness while still loving the body you currently have. Some people are also just built bigger, and that’s simply their body type, and they shouldn’t have to be ashamed of that. I have a pretty fast metabolism myself, and I can get away with eating a lot more junk than most people without packing on the pounds. It sucks that people who do put on weight more easily are held to different standards because of the way their body works with what they eat.

"Well, and it’s also harder for poorer people to obtain healthy options. For example, fresh produce is more expensive while the frozen or canned options are cheaper, or white bread is typically less expensive than whole grain anything… and fast food is always the least expensive and most convenient option of all."

Not only is this argument really pervasive, it’s also really untrue. Fast food—convenient? Yes. Cheaper or smart? NO.

For some background, I come from a lower class family and for a long time my mom thought the same way so we bought fast food a lot. Surprise surprise, the family got addicted. My brother, mom and I became very overweight, it made certain mental health conditions far worse and a few years ago my crappy diet landed me in the hospital. Sadly, that’s what it took for me to start thinking critically about the situation.

What I’ve found is that it’s much cheaper to buy in bulk than buying fast food every night, if you’re smart about it. You do NOT need to buy a bunch of foofy organic stuff to be healthy. For fifty bucks I can buy frozen veggies/fruit, rice, canned tuna, dehydated milk, cereal, canned beans, and even some fresh options and have it last me for up to two weeks if I eat small portions. This is much more economic than buying two $5 fast food meals a day for the same amount of time. Guess what? I lost the weight and feel far less crappy all around. My brother adopted a similar approach and has lost over 80 pounds, and has kept it off for years.

I have a body that holds onto weight so I have to strictly monitor my diet. It’s just one of those things you have to accept and deal with. My health doesn’t affect only me, so I do my best to maintain it.


You’re all talking about that orchestral version of Sono Chi No Sadame but did you see the live performance?



for chinese new year they get all these famous actors and comedians together and they do a lil show and one of the comedians was like “i was in a hotel in america once and there was a mouse in my room so i called reception except i forgot the english word for mouse so instead i said ‘you know tom and jerry? jerry is here’

jerry is here


One of the kids the year above me in high school passed away recently drowning in the Monongahela River. His father is on disability and is trying to raise at leas $8,000 to cover his funeral. Any amount is appreciated, and if you can’t donate, at least reblog or signal boost!!
Thanks everyone


Video games have been proven to be a more efficient method of overcoming depression than counseling among teens.


Quoting a very important line from the article:

Although it’s clear that having strong relationships is critical to good mental health — and computerized treatments likely won’t prove to be adequate for depression if they don’t help people develop and maintain them — the current research suggests that onscreen treatment could bring relief to many teens, without the risks or stigma of antidepressant drugs or weekly therapy visits.”

It’s a game specifically designed to treat depression. It is not healthy to isolate yourself 23 hours a day playing Skyrim. MAINTAINING STRONG SOCIAL BONDS IS IMPORTANT.


I’ve started a GoFundMe to try to raise the money needed to get these guys set to go to new homes!

We have no no-kill shelters in the area, and all of the local cat rescues are at their maximum capacity. The only choices we have are the local shelters, which risks euthanasia, or to use an adoption service offered by a local vet which has a recurring fee per day that the cat stays until getting adopted out.

To use the service, it’s required that the cats be sterilized and have all of their vaccinations. I need help in both raising enough money to get all seven cats eligible for the adoption service, and raising enough to let them all use the service for as long as it takes them to find new homes.

Most of the cats have lived outdoors because we do not have enough room inside for them. They really need to be vetted and homed so that they can receive all the safety and attention they need!

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